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Melanie gained weight after suffering various health issues. She'd tried different diets before - some successful, some not - but never one that took her DNA into account.

"I was interested to see how my DNA insights could assist not only with weight loss but also improve my overall life quality" Mel says.

What she found after joining the DNA Diet Plan surprised her a little but also answered some nagging questions she'd had for a while.

"I have always thought that I have a tendency to gain weight and this was shown to be the case in my DNA results. I do have a high genetic obesity risk. My insights also showed that I am more prone to being gluten intolerant and this was also something that I had suspected."

DNA combined with meal plan

mel-ebner-before-tinyThe DNA insights made Mel more aware of what she should be careful with but more importantly the DNA Diet Plan gave her a strategy for taking action on these insights.

"I love that there is an app for my iPhone. It makes it nice and quick to check what is on my diet plan for the day. I also love the weekly shopping list – I print this out and it assists in just being what is required for our meals for the week.I will go through before I leave and check what I have in the fridge and pantry before going."

Family friendly food

mel-ebner-after-tinyMel and her family lives in a rural area which may add to the challenge of eating healthy. However, she found the DNA Diet Plan easy to follow and didn't have trouble finding the ingredients she needed.

"This a great tool for families on budgets as you are not buying any unnecessary items or doubling up on items. There are no fancy ingredients required and it is easy to make the meals and shop on a budget."

So far, Mel has been very happy with her progress on the DNA Diet Plan.

"It has been steady weight loss each week and I know from past experiences that this is the most sustainable."