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Newly retired, Mary, realized her weight was becoming a cause for concern when her knees began to ache, and she required assistance for getting up and out of chairs.

While her retired lifestyle was relaxed and full of life’s sweet indulgences, the extra snacking and more sedentary lifestyle were beginning to take a toll on her health and weight.

Mary had tried other diets in the past, but found that as soon as the program was finished, there were no tools or support to help her stay on track. She hadn’t learned anything about nutrition or how to keep up with a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight. So, the weight piled back on.


Understanding Her DNABefore

Having been larger than her siblings most of her life, Mary assumed it was just in her genetic make up to be overweight. However, her genes revealed the opposite. Mary’s DNA insights informed her that she wasn’t likely to be overweight at all. This discovery changed everything.

This DNA insight considers 30 different genotypes and assesses a person's risk of obesity as low, medium or high. Having a low risk means lifestyle factors are more likely to triggered a person's weight gain than genes. Having a high risk means there is a genetic predisposition to obesity - but that shouldn’t affect a person's ability to lose weight.

"I thought I was destined to be overweight. I have larger bones than my siblings. I was surprised to learn from my DNA insights that I was unlikely to be overweight at all."

This knowledge gave Mary hope that with lifestyle changes, she could get on top of her knee pain and lose the weight after all.


Combining Diet with DNA

Luckily, she saw the DNA Diet on television. Interested in further understanding her DNA and excited by the delicious menu plans, Mary signed up. She has lost an impressive 21* pounds so far.

Mary believes this success is due to the unique structure of the DNA Diet Plan. Combining a scientifically based wholefoods diet with her DNA insights helped shed light on how her lifestyle and diet choices may have impacted on her ability to lose weight. As well as providing her with a plan moving forward, Mary makes full use of the DNA Diet Plans tools, like the DNA Diet Tracker app and easy-print-PDFs with menu plans and program tutorials.

"The overall program is fantastic. There’s a wide variety of foods and the exercises are so different. I never get in a rut."


Power of Protein

Not only has Mary lost 21 pounds on the DNA Diet Plan, but she has also learned the power of protein and eating a balanced wholefoods diet. There is no more cutting out what she thought were guilty pleasures, having cut out bread from her diet in an attempt to lose weight prior to starting the DNA Diet Plan. Now Mary enjoys it all by sticking to food groups without the worry.

"I thought I just needed to not eat bread and pasta to lose weight. I felt deprived and hungry. The DNA Diet Plan recipes are so easy to prepare and I now eat protein and bread in the morning and don’t feel hungry at all."

*Individual results may vary